The colors – we choose them consciously or not. But here the key point is that they are the reflectors of the personality – intellect, emotions, physique, and adjustment to the surroundings, acceptance or preference to some certain atmosphere. In every moment the background of your home should give you a mixture of stimulation, balancing, tranquilization. Every one of us feel different emotions entering for the first time in someone’s house – we can be charmed and all of a sudden we wished our home to be just like this one, or we might be shocked and have the desire to run away. The reason is our personal preference to some colors which is connected to our feelings that are raised by the colors.


The white color has the healthiest influence. It gives thankfulness, cleanness and power. It comprises the qualities and influences of all the colors in one. If we don’t need to pick a color we usually choose the white. In big rooms it is boring and monotonous. But those who choose the white color are steady, tough people with clear aims.


The pink colors provoke love and feelings of joy, rejuvenation and friendly relations. The pink is the color of humanism and loyalty.



The orange color is called the soul of the energy. It is the color of wisdom of the Indian yogi. It leads to deep thinking and confidence.



The golden orange strengthen the wisdom, the thinking activity, gives spiritual energy, drives away the fear and leads to delight and optimism.



Lemon yellow – this color stimulates thinking and creative abilities.



Blue color –it is chosen by people who need to calm down, to clear the mind from dark thoughts. All nuances of blue work on people beneficially, giving inspiration, peaceable disposition and honesty. It is preferred by calm and steady people as well as by people who wish stay away and close themselves into their own world.



The green color influences the growth, recreation of the body, gives peace, hope, feeling of exuberance. This is the favorite color of people who love the nature.





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