How to have the perfect home office


How to have the perfect home office

Whether you work from home or you just need somewhere to concentrate outside of work, a home office is the most conducive way to productivity – and will save you a lot of money on drinks if your current office is in the local coffee shop.

The dining room table, a corner of the living room or a little desk in your bedroom will not suffice in the long term. If you’re really serious about concentrating, the best approach is to start from scratch and create an office. This could be in the form of a spare room, a garden shed or even a log cabin. Wherever you decide it will be - the important thing is for it to be away from noise and distraction. Then comes the fun part: decorating!

The primary focus of your office should be organisation, followed by simplicity. This will ensure that you know where everything is, and you’re not getting distracted by clutter in your peripheral vision.

When it comes to furniture – make sure that you have enough storage to keep the clutter at bay. If you assign your office to a small spare room, perhaps consider wall-mounted shelving for stationery supplies and books. Similarly, a desk organiser for stationery could make a nice touch to your desk.

An ergonomic desk and chair will be crucial for comfort, and subsequently, concentration, when working for long periods of time. Whilst ergonomic furniture may be pricey, it’s the best option if you’re aiming to work for long periods of time. In terms of decorating, a neutral palette may be the best option for keeping a clear mind. Green, however, is said to be soothing for eyes that have been starting at a computer screen for too long.

Once you’ve furnished your office, it’s time to make way for inspiration. Whatever you’re working on, there’s always room for creativity. Whether you frame and display a few photographs of people who inspire you, your favourite quotes or some artwork – give your mind some inspiration.

Next – motivation. As complex and mysterious as the brain is – it can also be straightforward. Try sticking a photo of your dream home to the wall that you face as you work. Whenever you find your attention drifting to something unrelated to the task at hand you’ll have something to push you to keep going.

If you’re feeling really dedicated, why not try adding a mini fridge to the office? This will eliminate any distracting walks to the kitchen for drinks and snacks, but only do it if you can put up with the off-putting humming sound it will most likely emit. For the adventurous amongst you, perhaps add a tea station - a kettle, tea bags, mugs and all-important biscuits.

Interior design of home office ultimately needs to be somewhere where you can spend time and concentrate without getting distracted. It needs to be minimal, functional and comfortable - and sound-proof enough so that no one can hear your snores!


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